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Longitude Partners is truly excited to welcome Allen L. Abbott, MBA as EVP, Executive Search and Leadership Coaching

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Longitude Partners is truly excited to welcome Allen L. Abbott, MBA as EVP, Executive Search and Leadership Coaching. Allen’s long and successful operating background in specialty finance, receivables management, and contact center operations adds enormous depth and substance to Longitude’s commitment to deliver the focused, strategic insights of a senior search partner and the credibility of an operationally experienced management team on every search mandate.

Allen comes to Longitude from DebtTrader® where he spent over 5 years as President and COO with enterprise responsibility for the development and the execution of overall corporate operations. His strong background in business development, recruiting, executive coaching, and operations will be a major asset to Longitude’s clients as they expand and develop their leadership teams. We sat down with Allen and asked him what attracted him most to the role and what he hopes he can bring to the team.

What are you most excited about for your new role? “Finding and starting a new job or career can be one of the most stressful things an individual can go through. This stress, however, isn’t exclusive to the prospective or newly hired employee. Companies aren’t hiring for fun; they are trying to address a need. In the case of Longitude’s clients, these needs are in the leadership ranks so finding the right fit can have far-reaching implications. Make no mistake, these are high-stakes relationships. Placing talented leaders in roles where they can immediately get to work addressing a business need is going to be highly rewarding on all fronts.”

What previous experience do you think prepares you best for this new role? “My career actually started squarely in the Social Sciences and Civic arenas with community mental health, not-for-profit research, and training and development. Over time, my I/O Psychology experience guided me into the fintech space. My focus moved from people to systems and process improvement. As an experienced operations leader, I tend to look at projects, challenges, or problems in terms of their contributing factors. The temptation is to reduce these types of analyses into lists of quantifiable (ideally predictable) inputs and the outputs they generate. This is a reasonable view unless you have a background in studying and exploring human behavior. When humans are involved in counting on rote predictability it’s a fool’s errand. Over the past 20 years, my ongoing education and experience have allowed me to blend and enhance my “Operations View” into a perspective that always starts with enhancing the human element.”

Please welcome Allen to the Longitude Partners team. You can reach him directly at allen@longitudeinc.com or via our website at www.longitudeinc.com.


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