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Special Report: The New Laws of Talent Attraction

Could your employee retention challenges be solved by simply removing the 45 minute commute? Top CEO’s are finding that providing remote work options and other ways of a demonstrating flexibility can be powerful retention strategies; sometimes even more powerful than compensation. Read on –

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Changing Others Is The Most Important Capability A Leader Can Develop

It may be time consuming and sometimes painful, but improving your own people is likely the best strategy in a labor market that’s as tight as the current one is.

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Purpose, the Essential Change Agent

A new report by McKinsey & Co identifies purpose as the single most important element of driving real change in any organization. Companies that combine a clear purpose with other bold actions are not only succeeding in this pandemic era, but changing entire industries.  Authored by Aaron De Smet, Chris Gagnon, and Elizabeth Mygatt, the report identifies improving your (customer) value proposition and using culture as your ‘secret sauce’ as the other two core, essential ingredients to creating real, pandemic-proof change.

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Compensation Packages That Actually Drive Performance

By aligning executives’ financial incentives with company strategy, a firm can inspire its management to deliver superior results. But it can be hard to get pay packages right. In this article four experts break down the key elements of compensation and explain how to put them together effectively.

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The Leadership Continuum: How Flexing across the Seven Facets of Leadership Increases Effectiveness

We wholeheartedly endorse this new work by Bill Heiden, Theresa Hoffman and Cathleen Swody. In our executive recruiting work with growing fintech and specialty finance clients, it’s the exceptional leaders who consciously exercise their lessor strengths in order to be as effective as possible.

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Why Purpose-Driven Talent Practices Matter

As organizations navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s one guiding star they must rally around: purpose. It’s no secret that purpose matters to business leaders, employees and consumers—it can motivate candidates to work for a company, make work experience more satisfying and even encourage consumers to be more forgiving when mistakes happen.

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Here are 7 resume killers to avoid

Are you making a New Year’s resolution to start seriously looking for that new job? Or to dust off your resume, just in case a fantastic opportunity pops up? When you pull out your resume and take a close look, is it something you’re proud to share? If you feel your resume doesn’t reflect your professional story, you’re not alone.


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Maintaining a Purpose Driven Team

Earlier this spring, I had a chance to sit down with Hubert Joly, chairman and former CEO of Best Buy, and hear his story on the Disrupt Yourself podcast. On the show, Joly talked about the importance of purpose, both in life and in business.

“My purpose has never changed,” Joly told me. “It’s always the same: to try to make a positive difference on people around me.”

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The surprising traits of good remote leaders

Strong in-person leadership skills don’t necessarily translate to being a good virtual leader. Instead, organisation and competency reign supreme.

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Cooped Up But Coping: A Fresh Look at Consumer Intentions

In April, Jefferies conducted a global survey of 5,500+ consumers to establish how behavior may change post lockdown. Our global update provides fresh insights, as well as additional takeaways focused on emerging trends. In general, US respondents are less enthusiastic vs. other regions on the virus response, but remain more optimistic on their outlook. Increased focus on well-being, online spending, deurbanization and digitization remain key trends.

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